A Sure Sign of Spring

Justin Pigage 11/05/2016

Spring is both a challenging and very uplifting time of year here in the Yukon.  People emerge from their winter hibernation patterns with the extended daylight hours and get started on their annual chores – reviving their lawns and gardens that have been blanketed with snow for the past eight months.

The improved weather also allows you to tackle projects that just aren’t practical during the winter.  Some examples of such projects – this past weekend I built a woodshed and Lea refinished a beautiful oak dining room table for the Bed and Breakfast.  Both of these tasks would have been very difficult in the deep freeze of winter.  I find it very rewarding to build things, I’ve always said that if I wasn’t an engineer and took up a trade instead I would like to be a carpenter because of the magic you can create.  I cherish spring projects because the birds are signing between bangs of the hammer and the sun is so invigorating that you can literally feel its power bringing the world back to life.


Winter in the Yukon is wonderful because the snow provides a medium for outdoor activities like skiing (cross country and back country), snow shoeing, and fat tire biking (I don’t bike in the winter but am impressed by the determination of those who do).  Summer is wonderful because everything is green and alive, you can really get out and explore.  Hiking, biking, camping, boating, the activity list is endless but there are only so many weekends.  Spring is a very fast transition between winter and summer that happens in a matter of weeks.  People get caught asleep at the switch – their snowmobiles high and dry on the back lawn, cross country ski equipment in the rooftop carrier.  Spring means digging out the mountain bike and making sure there is enough air in the tires for that evening ride, and unpacking the family tent to make sure you have all of the poles before the first camping trip.

One of the surest signs of spring in the Yukon is the arrival of the crocus.  One of the first flowers to gorge itself on enough sunshine to bloom it marks the beginning of a much greener season.  Lea and the boys went on a crocus hunt this past weekend behind our house and found some beautiful ones.

Spring is here, the crocus made it official!

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