Renovation – First up, New Floors

Lea Pigage 29/05/2016

The area in our house that is our soon-to-be bed and breakfast has been vacant for about a week now.  Our long-term tenants moved into their new house last weekend (their first house purchase ever which is so much fun in itself! Yay for them!) and we have been going strong ever since.

Most evenings, weekend days and many of our lunch hours have been consumed with doing something B&B related— which we knew would happen if we wanted to turn the place over in less than a month.  We are still finding most of it to be fun but there are those days that are a bit draining.

The first night we went down to the suite, after we put the boys to bed, we just stood there for a while, discussing the BIG QUESTION  “where should we start”? We hummed and hawed, took down some of the very dated curtains, and then hummed and hawed some more.  Next thing you know the carpet in one of the bedrooms is being rolled up and pushed out the window and then we spent the next few hours pulling staples that held the underlay from the floor.

Urban Caribou Bed and Breakfast Floor Demolition

The next night, we hauled out the carpet in the hallway and then Justin spent Friday tearing up the linoleum in the kitchen area.  We were a little nervous that the lino would be glued to the floor, which makes removing it a tedious job, as I am sure many a folk out there can attest too.  Fortunately, the lino was glued to particleboard that was stapled down.  So although it was still a lot of work (for Justin), it came up pretty quickly.

Saturday, the carpet from the living room was pulled, and the underlay and staples were removed. This is all during the time that we should have been cutting tomatoes and ripping lettuce up for the potluck wedding that we were attending that afternoon, but we saved that for the tailgate of the truck and even got to the reception a few minutes early. Don’t you just find that the best progress is made when you should be doing something else?

Sunday was the day when we finally started enjoying progress — we began laying the new floor! We choose to go with a vinyl floor that looks like gray, wood planks.  I still feel like this type of flooring is too good to be true but we are willing to give it a shot.  It comes in planks and you just lay them down on the floor.  Around the edges and in high traffic spots, such as the area in the kitchen where you always stand and move, or in hallways, you can add spray adhesive or double-sided tape (we chose the tape) to keep a few of the planks stuck down real good like.  The planks are waterproof, so a water spill isn’t going to bubble them up and ruin them like it can with laminate.  The best part is that they are supposed to be super durable, easy to clean (I feel like there is a lot of cleaning in my future) and they look pretty great.  We went with Creative Options Luxury Vinyl in Driftwood and so far, we are quite happy.

Urban Caribou Bed and Breakfast New Floor














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