Come on in – We are Open

Justin Pigage 10/07/2016

Technically Urban Caribou Bed and Breakfast has been open since July 1st but today marks our first official booking.  There were a number of little things to wrap up prior to the space being ready for guests – washing bedding and towels, arranging rooms, and hanging curtains to name a few.  We spent this past weekend cleaning, tidying, and generally readying our world for operating a bed and breakfast. It is a surreal feeling – we… Come on in – We are Open

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Renovation – Bath Time

Justin Pigage 28/06/2016

I start my day the same way countless others do, with a sleepy stagger into the bathroom for a warm shower to clean up and wake up.  Making sure that our guests start their day off on a positive note is important to us so we decided to completely renovate the bathroom in the Urban Caribou Bed and Breakfast.  We will discuss some of the other improvements (heated tile floor, new vanity and sink, new… Renovation – Bath Time

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Renovation – I can’t hear you (soundproofing)

Justin Pigage 22/06/2016

A critical component of the current Urban Caribou Bed and Breakfast renovation is the soundproofing in the bedrooms.  It is also one of the least exciting because at the end of the project it will look nearly identical to before we started. We are a young family and want to be able to enjoy chasing each other around fighting dragons and rescuing princesses.  Understandably, our guests don’t want to be a part of that action… Renovation – I can’t hear you (soundproofing)

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Justin Pigage 12/06/2016

Sometimes life can get pretty hectic, especially when you throw a large Bed and Breakfast renovation on a tight timeline into the mix.  During these crazy times I believe it becomes even more important to take care of yourself.  One self-care technique I rely on is running.  I find it very satisfying when you get up early, before most of the world is awake, and head out for a run in the cool, crisp morning… Running

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Renovation – First up, New Floors

Lea Pigage 29/05/2016

The area in our house that is our soon-to-be bed and breakfast has been vacant for about a week now.  Our long-term tenants moved into their new house last weekend (their first house purchase ever which is so much fun in itself! Yay for them!) and we have been going strong ever since. Most evenings, weekend days and many of our lunch hours have been consumed with doing something B&B related— which we knew would… Renovation – First up, New Floors

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Should we do it?

Lea Pigage 26/04/2016

Justin and I just returned from a lovely 10 day visit to Vancouver Island to see my family.  While we were there, we decided to take a one day workshop on “How to open a Bed and Breakfast”.  We have been toying with the idea for a while. You see, we have a two bedroom suite on the lower level of our house.  We have been renting it out to some really fabulous people over… Should we do it?

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